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02 Sep '14

Landmark Day

We reached a landmark today, and we all feel quite pleased with ourselves.  The land mark is that we changed the domain name on our new website, and removed the password so it is there for all the world to see (and, we hope, shop from).  There has been a lot of work, and there is still plenty to do, but we feel that we have enough stock on to go live.  Of course, this the work doesn't stop here.  There will be a lot of back end work to keep the site fresh, and current, and of course we will be frantically picking and packing your orders, and getting them in the post for you.  We welcome any suggestions or comments (please send them by e-mail) and of course we look forward to your custom.  We will work hard to keep you up to date with what is going on in Dunchurch, both at Lyttles and with our associated company, Heart of England Fly Fishing School: it's not long until we kick off the winter fly-tying classes again.   Please subscribe to the blog via the RSS feed or keep checking in to see what's news and what's new, and of course look at our Facebook pages and twitter feeds if you can.