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17 Jun '14

What a day!

Posted by Bruce Crawford in Dunchurch, flyfishing, flytying, Lyttles, online, shopping
We have had a pretty busy and intense day at Lyttles HQ in Dunchurch.  We closed the shop for the day and for anyone hoping to visit us today we apologise profusely, but it was really necessary, and very productive.  We try not to close too often, and to use the opportunity to conduct staff training and business development so that when we do open again we are better than before.  Today's staff training was around the subject of our new online shopping package which we think we are getting closer to launching.  There are a lot of aspects to consider, and while it can be an on-going and live project that develops as we go there several aspects that we want to get right from the beginning: it was those that we were working on today.  In particular we want to know that we are handling the orders correctly, and hope that we have anticipated all the conceivable combinations of circumstances that may arise when we receive an order and process it.  We know from our own experiences of online shopping that there is nothing more frustrating than placing an order and then waiting and waiting, and then having to pick up the phone to find out where the order (and the money) has gone.  I think we have got all that weighed off and squared away.  Now I have just got make the website look nice and neat, and easily understandable and navigable.  There is nothing worse when you are online shopping...  You know what I mean!