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10 Jun '14

Every day is a learning day

Posted by Bruce Crawford in FireFly, flyfishing, flytying, Lyttles, shopping
And that isn't all together a bad thing!

As work continues towards launching the new Lyttles of Dunchurch online shopping enterprise I keep learning new features and actions of the shopify website.  Steadily I am learning how to make it do what I want it to do, or at least to I am learning it's language, and getting the result that I want, and most importantly, remembering how to do the same things again.  I am making lots of mistakes, although as time goes by I am making fewer, and not repeating them quite so often.  It is quite a satisfying feeling, and we are all getting a bit more excited as we get towards a point where we can go live with the whole venture.
02 Jun '14

Online shopping at Lyttles

Posted by Paul Vernon in FireFly, flyfishing, flytying, Lyttles, shopping
Work continues apace as we try to understand and learn all about the process of setting up an online shop.  We are hoping to have the first bit of the project up and running later this week, and then there will be a continual increase and growth in the number and range of products available until we have the full range of items that are available in the shop on Dunchurch, and possibly a few more that we wouldn't normally hold as stock in our own inventory.
28 May '14

First Post Wing Fly

Posted by Bruce Crawford in FireFly, flyfishing, flytying, Lyttles

Welcome to the Lyttles of Dunchurch online shop.  We pride ourselves on selling quality tackle, tools and materials to tyers and fly fishers of distinction who demand not only the best performance from their tackle, but the best service form their suppliers and retailers. If you don't find the items that you want please let us know, and we will find them for you, or tell which items we suggest instead and why we think they are superior.