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12 Sep '14

Clearing out the back rooms

Posted by Bruce Crawford in bargains, clearnace, website, wobblers

It's amazing what you find when you have a clear out, and that is just as true for our shop as it would be for our homes!  We were making a bit of space in the back rooms, and we have come across odd bits of stock that were moved out of the shop to make way for new ranges at various points in the past.  Over the coming weeks we will get all the items photographed and listed online, and the bit you will most like to hear, discounted for clearance.  The first items will include several Sage rods, some Scott rods, as well as a few other rods.  The discounts are generous, and each discount will be listed on the product page.  Have a look in out Bargains Basket to see what we've got.  Remember that we have plenty of current ranges as well, so please have a look around the rest of the website.

Among the most fascinating items were the Ugly Duckling wobblers.  I have not come across them before, but they bear a passing resemblance to a Rapala I suppose.  I had to do a bit of research to find out more about these spinning lures, and I was amazed at what I found.  Perhaps I am showing my age as I was surprised to find a Facebook group dedicated to these little chaps.  They seem to be very popular on the continent, and seem effective for pike and perch, and I think the larger ones could be used for salmon.  They would be ideal for beginners as they are fairly cheap, so no great loss if they get snagged and lost.  That said, snagging should be rare as they are a floating lure.


Now, to start on my own home...