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Product Image RIO UniSpey

RIO UniSpey


A VERSATILE MID BELLY LENGTH SPEY LINE that is ideal on rods of 13' and longer on larger rivers

  • Rear loaded design loads rods easily and ensures effortless, efficient Spey casts
  • Mid length head for great mending and line control at distance

RIO's UniSpey has a powerful mid length head that is he most versatile of spey designs, and that will cast long distances with ease.  The head length is ideal for Spey rods between 13' and 15' in length, and for mid-sized rivers or larger.  Anglers will find the line loads best when the black "loading point" is between the reel and the rod tip.  Welded loops in the front make for easy rigging.



 Code Type Size Length Head weight grains Head length Colour
UF67 Floating #7 110' 480gr 52' lt grey & black
UF78 Floating #8 120' 540gr 54' lt grey & black
UF89 Floating #9 125' 600gr 56' lt grey & black
UF910 Floating #10 130' 675gr 60' lt grey & black
UF1011 Floating #11 130' 750gr 64' lt grey & black