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Product Image Egglaying Stimulator

Egglaying Stimulator


This pattern is tied on a number 10 hook and is a representation of an egg laying Sedge. As evening approaches and the female sedge returns to the water to lay her eggs this is the pattern to use. It has a hair wing, a closed foam egg sac and a grizzle hackle around the thorax, which make it a very difficult to sink dry fly.  Fished on a tapered leader either in a dead drift style with the occasional twitch or skated across the surface as dark approaches.  This fly can also be used as a search pattern on large rivers. The takes, especially after dark, can be arm wrenching so an increase in breaking strain of the leader can be called for. The fly can be fished on lakes or rivers wherever there is a hatch of medium to large Sedge. The most productive time of the year is May to the end of September.