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Product Image Shumakov Tube - Weight Forward (Brass)

Shumakov Tube - Weight Forward (Brass)


These tube designs saw a new concept in how to tie salmon tubes and were the idea of Juri Shumakov.

Designed in the late 1990s, coming to market in early 2000, they quickly grew in popularity for Atlantic salmon, having proven the designs on the Kola Peninsula, and in Scotland and on the Norwegian rivers.

Juri worked exclusively with Crystal River / FireFly to bring his range of tubes to the UK until his untimely death in 2006.

The precision machined range continues to have a strong following from those that want a compact tube fly dressing that swims without wing separation and compliments today's advanced technical fly lines.

Each pack comes with 10 tubes and pre-cut stiff liner tubing.

The Weight Forward tube has a maximum diameter of 5mm and an overall length of 13mm, which incorporates a short tail section for locating a hook holding tube.