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Product Image FireFly Fly Rack - 5 Clip

FireFly Fly Rack - 5 Clip


This a simple fly rack (5 micro clips) that will not clutter your bench, like bigger versions, but allow you to hold securely tied or part tied flies confidently.

Also a useful addition to the fly tyers travel bag.....

The rack comes with 5 quality clips and an oiled hard wood base with a soft foam bottom to protect any work surface.

The base measures 130mm long, 30mm wide and 20mm deep - stable enough for the smallest to biggest dressed patterns.

One thing FireFly cannot guarantee is which hard wood the base will be made from - but they are likely to be from reclaimed oak or mahogany and then sealed with a high quality clear Danish Oil.

This item forms part of the FireFly range of premium tying tools and tying accessories...