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Product Image Airflo PolyLeaders - 10' Salmon / Steelhead

Airflo PolyLeaders - 10' Salmon / Steelhead


Airflo salmon/steelhead/seatrout PolyLeader, 10 feet long. Add level tippet up to 24lbs/10.9kg strength.

Select various sink rate from a range of 7 varying from Clear Floating to Extra Super Fast Sink.

Welded loop at one end to aid fast fitting to fly line.

 Variant Sink Rate Colour

Clear Floating

Zero sec/m ( Zero in/sec)

Hover 78 sec/m (0.5 in/sec) Clear
Intermediate Sink 26 sec/m (1.5 in/sec) Clear
Slow Sink 15 sec/m (2.6 in/sec) Green
Fast Sink 10 sec/m (3.9 in/sec) Brown
Super Fast Sink 8 sec/m (4.9 in/sec) Grey
Extra Super Fast Sink  6.5 sec/m (6.1 in/sec) Black